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The must have resource for professional stressed out women .


How to reduce stress in under 10 minutes !

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In this guide you'll learn:



What is stress & what causes it ?


Stress is our body's response to pressure .

Life can be so fast paced these days leaving you feeling overwhelmed, under immense  pressure & exhausted ,  maybe you're facing big life changes/situations or feel unable to achieve a healthy work/life balance . 




How constant stress impacts your health,wellbeing  & productivity.

It is perfectly normal to experience some degree of  stress in our everyday lives,and some stress is healthy in some situations , however constant stress can affect us mentally & physically in so many ways ,impacting on our health & wellbeing negatively & often manifesting as dis-ease in the body.

Stress can have an adverse affect on -

-Your sleep 

-Your weight 

-Your mood

-Your libido

-Your cardiovascular health 

-Your mental health 

-Your relationships

You owe it to yourself to act now !



Tips & strategies you can use to reduce your stress levels FAST !


In this guide I will be showing you a number of ways in which you can bring your stress levels down in under 10 minutes ,so even a busy female professional like yourself can start to feel the benefits immediately to improve your overall health & wellbeing.


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You + this guide  = everything you need to get started!


Maybe you've thought :: I  just don't have the time to try anything ,or it's just not for me (which is what I thought once )

 Or maybe it :: feels like it's perfectly 'normal 'or acceptable to feel so stressed out & exhausted all of the time ,given all that you have to get done in your business or role & you chose to accept that it just goes with the territory , but you don't have to  .

There IS a better way ::

A way for you to feel

-In control

-More productive

-On top of your game 

-Less stressed




-Balanced & THRIVING !

 You owe it to yourself to be the BEST & healthiest version of you, that you can be.




Take back your power,manage stress  & thrive 

  • Sleep better & wake up energised & excited for the day ahead instead of feeling groggy & exhausted .
  • Regain clarity & focus & increase your productivity & results .
  • Achieve significant success in all aspects of your life .
  • Improve your overall health & wellbeing & feel AMAZING !

Hi there, Tash here  !


I'm so pleased you have landed up here with me. 

If you are a female entrepreneur or work in a corporate role & are being impacted by stress ,I totally get it .

I've been there ,done that (for over 20 years).

I firmly believe that my own  health issues are as a direct result of the constant stress & pressure of the environment I worked in . 

This is why I want to help you .

After a lot of research looking into ways to reduce & manage stress to  improve my own health & wellbeing, I discovered holistic modalities, which included practicing mindfulness,meditation,Reiki,crystal healing ,EFT Tapping ,breathwork , NLP & more .

Initially, I really did not think it was for me ,so not my 'thing'.

My perception of anything  holistic or alternative was one of Woo woo women drinking nettle wine,whilst chanting & dancing naked around a campfire !

But we all perceive things differently ! 

Each to their own of course.

(Me ,I'm more of a red wine & steak kind of gal !)

However I was proved so wrong ,thankfully .

 The results I have experienced have been nothing short of amazing .

My life has completely changed for the better .

I have also had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful teachers along the way.

I only wish I had been given these tools & techniques ( that I will be sharing with you) all those years ago.

I was so impressed by the results & transformation that I experienced  , I went on to train & qualify as a Holistic coach,NLP Master practioner ,Reiki master & massage therapist & can honestly say I've never looked back.

My aim is to help as many women as possible to thrive in their environment ,manage stress effectively ,improve their health & wellbeing & achieve a better work/life balance so they can  enjoy life to the fullest .


Until next time 



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